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The purpose of the North Florida Prescribed Burn Association (NFPBA) is to facilitate the safe and effective use of prescribed fire by promoting landowner cooperation and providing the resources, education, and training necessary to return fire to its place as a tool for ecosystem maintenance.

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Prescribed burning is an irreplaceable process in maintaining biological diversity and balance
Looking For Longleaf by Lawrence S. Earley


There are inherent risks associated with prescribed fire. Persons who are following the best safety practices can and sometimes do get hurt while conducting prescribed burns. Risk can be greatly reduced through the exercise of personal responsibility and common sense. No list of safety rules can adequately cover every situation. Every person who attends a meeting, demonstration or event sponsored by the North Florida Prescribed Burn Association (NFPBA) or its members does so at their own risk and assumes all responsibility for their own safety needs.The North Florida Prescribed Burn Association (NFPBA), its officers, members, demonstrators, volunteers and guests disclaim any responsibility for any damages, injuries, or destruction of property resulting from the use of any information or methods published or distributed by the North Florida Prescribed Burn Association (NFPBA) in its newsletter, it's website, it's Facebook Pages, YouTube Channel, and other social media or demonstrated at workshops, meetings, conferences and other events. The North Florida Prescribed Burn Association (NFPBA) recommends proper attire, safety gear and standard safety procedures appropriate for prescribed burning during any event where prescribed burning and other related methods are involved. Safety attire includes, but is not limited to, appropriate clothing, eye wear, hearing protection, gloves, and face shields when necessary. It is every individual's responsibility to provide for their own safety, to determine what safety gear is appropriate for each situation and to provide, maintain and use that gear as appropriate for each individual situation.

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This section will updated regularly, we will be posting news, events and other many other things related to prescribed burning, so stay tuned and come back often to keep up to date with what's happening within North Florida Prescribed Burn Association.

We are now a 501 (c) 3 organization and registered with the State of Florida and IRS with a 5 member Board. Currently, we have 29 members with a landowner contact list in excess of 75 individuals. As an entity, we have conducted over 40 prescribed burns on approximately 1000 acres since organizing. So, we are making strides as an Association.



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Learn more about our work by getting in touch with our team today. Please feel free to fill out our contact form, and check out our Facebook Page for current events. If you are interested in becoming a member, or need burn assistance please click one of the links below to fill out the needed forms.

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